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Online Mo,  02.10. ,  15:00  bis  16:30  Uhr

Winning is All in the Mind – so is Losing [in English]

Top athletes have known it for a long time: winning is in the mind! No matter how well prepared you are - if you don't have the right attitude, you won't be successful.

In the live web meeting, our first-year students learn from coach Jérome Adjallé how to control performance with motivators and mental techniques and which tools should be in your personal emergency kit to get through stress and pressure situations well.

Your link to the online meeting is https://mluconf.uni-halle.de/b/rei-s5j-omq-001
How exactly does this work? Well, that's what this topic page is for (in German only – feel free to use tools like DeepL:-).


Sabrina Funk (Uni Halle, Studentisches Gesundheitsmanagement)
Email: sabrina.funk@sport.uni-halle.de

Anett Bleyer (Techniker Krankenkasse)
Email: anett.bleyer@tk.de

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