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To ensure that our students feel comfortable during their stay in Halle, excellent study conditions as well as comfortable accommodation are important. We can assist you in finding a suitable room or apartment.

Living in the student dormitory

One of the cheapest and most popular offers for our international students looking for a room can be found through “Studentenwerk Halle” (Student Administration), which has more than 10 residences in Halle. There, the “Wohnheimtutoren” (resident assistants) look after the welfare of international students. In addition, “Studentenwerk Halle” offers private accommodation for those interested.

The application deadlines for exchange students (for example ERASMUS-students) are:

  • for winter term: July 15
  • for summer term: January 31

The application deadlines or degree seeking students are:

  • for winter term: August 31
  • for summer term: February 28

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Finding private housing

The International Office also has a Bulletin Board. On this page, German students going abroad are looking for students who rent their rooms temporarily during their study stay abroad (available in German and English). More room and apartment offers are listed on this platform in the section "From students for students."

Students, who do not wish to utilise these services and would prefer to search for a room or apartment on the private market, are able to more information on this website "Zu Hause in Halle" (At Home in Halle - available only in German). On this online platform you can search the offers from the Halle Student Administration as well as from private housing companies.

What does living cost in Halle ?

Rent: 200 - 350 EURO per month

Rents in Halle are low compared to other German cities: A room in a student dormitory costs approximately 200 EURO. Other providers may charge higher rents between 250 to 350 EURO depending on location, size, and interior of the apartment.

Please note: All rooms in the dormitories of Studentenwerk Halle are furnished; rooms in private shared apartments are often unfurnished.

Radio Licence Fee: 18.40 EURO per month

Since January 2013, everyone living in Germany has to pay the licence fee which covers all costs for public broadcast like TV or radio. ALL local and international students are affected by this regulation - regardless whether they have a TV set, radio, or do not have any of these.

For more information on accommodation for international students please visit the webpages of the International Office.

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