Language Courses

Our international students have the chance to learn or improve their knowledge of the German language before and during their stay in Halle.

Courses by the Institute for German Language and Culture

German courses for different language levels are offered by the Institute for German Language and Culture (IDSK) in Halle. For the courses a course fee will be charged.

Please find more information on the study-related German course on the linked websites.

Courses at the University Language Center

The main task of the University Language Center is course-related language training for students of all disciplines. Learning a language can be either optional (not mandatory) or be mandatory (obligatory). If you study a foreign language, the language courses will be offered by your institute/department and not by the University Language Centre. For more information, please visit the website of your institute/department and visit the introductory sessions in early October.

At the University Language Centre our students can acquire language skills either in general or in specialized courses and can obtain UNIcert ® degrees or credits.  

The following courses are available:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

The courses are divided according to the requirements in:

  • UNIcert ® I, II and III
  • BA courses (ASQ) modules
  • professional courses
  • Latin: terminology courses and document classes

The enrollment for the courses is done at the online platform Stud.IP. The courses are found next to the names of corresponding Stud.IP teachers or at: www.sprachenzentrum.uni

Courses for international postgraduate students

At the University of Halle enrolled international postgraduate students have the opportunity to participate in the German courses of the PhD Network. For these courses also a course fee will be charged. For information on courses and registration please visit the website of the PhD Network.

Language Tandem Programme

German and international students, PhD students and scientists can participate in our language Tandem Program. The Tandem teams can be formed, for example, from German and international students or international students from different language and cultural areas. Within our program, we do not only offer the opportunity to find Tandem partners. We also support the Tandem teams with an introductory session and a Tandem excursion. Here we give the opportunity for exchange, reflection of the learning process, consultation and assistance in methodology and didactics of foreign language teaching. Participation in the Tandem Program is free and so is the use of the University Language Center and Mediathek for all international students. Participants in the Tandem excursion will have to pay a small contribution to the travel costs. The Tandem events will be held in German and English.

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